Mini Tummy Tuck

What is a Mini Tummy Tuck? 

A Mini Tummy Tuck, has the same scope as a full Tummy Tuck operation. It is preferred in cases where less amount of skin and fat needs to be removed. Therefore, the expression “mini” refers to the amount taken from the patient. This operation is also focused only on the lower stomach and performed through a small cut approximately 20 cm along the area named "bikini line". 

A smaller part of the skin is taken with a small cut, and the body is carved by removing enough fat from the waist with this surgery. It’s less simple and painful than a full Tummy Tuck surgery, also called Abdominoplasty.


Procedure for a Mini Tummy Tuck

In the Mini Abdominoplasty procedure, liposuction is performed primarily on the whole abdomen and waist area. If necessary, fat injection to the butt is also done together. A short cut, same as like cesarean section, is made in the lower abdomen, after that. The abdominal skin is lifted from the abdominal opening towards the navel.


The slackened stomach muscles are stitched together and the lower part of the abdominal wall is tightened, if necessary. The excess part of the skin under the belly button is removed. If there is some skin leniency above the belly, it's separated from the abdominal wall. Doing this, whole abdominal muscles are narrowed by sewing and the navel is taken 2 cm down and sewed to the stomach wall. Finally, both the core and the underbelly are strained from a short scar.




Who Can Have a Mini Tummy Tuck?

These situations and conditions below may counts as acceptable for this operation;

  • Mini Tummy Tuck surgeries can be performed on those who have left some skin and fat deposits underbelly. It may be seen frequently in women after birth.
  • The ones who have a belly button upper than the normal area can also be good candidates.
  • It should be helpful to see Mini Tummy Tuck before-and-after photos before deciding on the surgery.


What the Recovery Process for Mini Tummy Tuck looks like?

Despite being known as a simple surgery than full Tummy Tuck, treatment and recovery depend on some factors like age, activity, and state of health. The average time span is 2 weeks but can be longer who has not a good figure of body and fitness. There are some exercises like walking and light abdominal being recommended to quicken the post-operation period.





These two operations are often confused with each other. While it is often thought that the expression "Mini" refers to only a small incision and the difference is due to this, however, the difference between the two procedures is actually the fact that the incision is not taken around the belly button and intervenes without tightening the muscles in that area.

The scar that will occur after the procedure is usually shorter than 15 cm and is from the hip to the hip. This length varies depending on the amount of skin removed. Some Mini Tummy Tuck scars can be as long as full-operation scars.

This operation does not carry many risks, except for the known potential side effects. Symptoms such as allergy to anesthesia, swelling, bruising, and infection can be counted among the side effects.

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