Lip Lift Surgery

What is Lip Lift Surgery?

With Lip Lift Surgery, it's possible to decrease the area among the nose and upper lip, called the "philtrum".

Lip Lift surgery aims to make the lips more significant permanently without using injections and filling, and so without increasing the volume. The upper teeth of the patient are also more visible as a result of this operation.

The philtrum region is one of the prominent areas where the disorders and sagging are seen with aging when it comes to drawing attention from the outside. That's why Lip Lift surgery is often preferred.


How does Lip Lift surgery perform?

Lip Lift aims to that reducing the distance or length of tissue between the nose and lips of the patient, called philtrum as mentioned before.

A lip lift gives lips plumper, younger look. It's also a permanent lip treatment unlike the interim results of other methods like the injection. Lip Lift has results that can even be better in some cases.

It's preferred by the patients who want the get younger look of the lips and don't want to be part of injections regularly. The skin loses its flexibility and sagging is begin with aging. The stretching of the skin may cause in elongation of some facial structures. For example, the filtrum. When the filtrum is longer, the upper teeth of the patient are covered with it. This is an alarm for aging.

Surely it's not a fact that philtrum affects the aged skin on its own. Long philtrum can come from birth and that makes the lips looks thinner. Injections also can't help this situation.

With Lip Lift surgery, the patient can both increase the amount of pink lip tissue and also make the upper teeth more appearing. Therefore, it consists of all ingredients to create a wonderful smile.

Am I a good candidate for Lip Lift Surgery?

Lip Lift is an important surgery that affects both the general appearance of the face and how the person looks from the outside. Before looking at its results and making a decision, it’s necessary to know that some criteria have been met. A person is considered a good candidate if:

  • Disturbed by the length of the philtrum
  • Those who are uncomfortable with the appearance of the upper lip
  • Those who want natural lips
  • Non-smoker
  • Having good general health
  • Having realistic expectations



Benefits of Lip Lift Surgery

Lip Lift surgery involves both physical and psychological benefits because it develops the physical appearance. The newly reshaped appearance of the lips makes the patient feel younger. In addition to that the intervention and shortening of the philtrum, the results are much more positive.

This surgery and its positive results are not only important for older people. Teenagers who have long philtrum also prefer this surgery and can get rid of this problem.

Lip Lift surgery has also some risks like all cosmetic surgeries. Some of them are listed: Bleeding, scarring, nerve damage, accumulation of blood, and allergic reaction.

Local anesthesia is preferred during the surgery and there is not so much pain in it.

It usually takes 2-3 weeks, but it's necessary to wait at least 2 months to see full results.

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