Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is an aesthetic surgery performed by placing silicone implants to enhance the breasts. Silicones are placed behind the breast tissue. People prefer this operation who are not satisfied with the size of their breasts, who have aesthetic concerns, or whose breasts have decreased in volume due to pregnancy.


What is a Breast Augmentation?

This operation is also known as Mammoplasty or "Boob job". It is performed voluntarily without a mandatory reason, it serves the breasts to be enlarged or to become symmetrical.Breast augmentation can be applied in two ways. The first is the transplantation of fat obtained from any part of the candidate's body. The second is placing the breast implants. The second option is more commonly preferred.


Procedures of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation surgery is not a difficult operation. It is performed under general anesthesia and the candidate is usually discharged on the same day. Therefore, no pain is felt during the procedure.The candidate should talk to the doctor 1 day before the operation and make preparations.During the application, one of 3 different areas is targeted and the incisions are performed. These; The tissues around the nipples, the underarm, and under the breasts.A small pocket is created by separating the breast tissue and muscles. Implants are placed in these pockets and their adjustments are made. If saline implants are to be used, the doctor will fill them. This procedure is not required for silicone implants.After the implants are placed, the treated area is sutured, closed, and bandaged. The candidate is kept under observation for a period of time. The candidate has been discharged after the effect of anesthesia passes.



Who can have Breast Augmentation?

Candidates who want to perform Breast Augmentation surgery have these types of questions: "Am I old for Breast Augmentation surgery?", "Will this operation give good results because my breasts are saggy?"  The operation is successful in many middle-aged women. The most common age group is women with children in their 30s. In addition, women with sagging breasts may also prefer this operation. Depending on the condition of sagging breasts, an additional operation such as a “Breast Lift” may be required.



What happens in the process after Breast Augmentation?

In the first week after breast augmentation, the patient begins to feel comfortable. Full recovery takes several weeks. The doctor follows the process for possible scars and complications. It is recommended to use some kind of corset or sports bra to tighten the chest area during the recovery period.It is necessary to avoid hard exercises for the first two weeks. Blood pressure and heart rate rising during such activities is an unhealthy status.The result can be noticed immediately after the operation. It is normal to have some swelling in the treated area. Choosing a healthy life, especially quitting smoking, is decisive for long-lasting results.

Intervention may be required against a complication that may occur after the operation. Some other side effects are:

  • Pain in the breasts
  • Bleeding and bruising
  • Large scars on the breast
  • Infection in the breast
  • Wound in the breast
  • Improper placement of implants
  • Damage to implants

It is possible to breastfeed after the Breast Augmentation procedure because the implants are placed under the breast tissue or under the chest muscles so that the person's milk production is not affected.

The results are intended to be durable for a long time. Silicone implants can be used for an average of 10 to 20 years if there is no rupture or other damage.

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